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A bit of a weird name isn’t it! So why is the clinic called MOVE?
In short because nothing is more important than moving.

Through over 15 years of clinic experience treating people in pain, dealing with my own aches, pains and injuries, and reading an ever growing body of research evidence, I have come to realise that getting stuff moving is really really important.

The late, great Physiotherapist Louis Gifford said it best: “Physiotherapy is about the return of thoughtless, fearless movement”. For me that’s the big picture. As a physiotherapist (but it applies to all good therapists) if the treatment doesn’t focus on ultimately restoring the ability to move well, without pain, in a unguarded and natural way people are being let down.

That’s not to say all you have to do is move around a bit more and pain, weakness and restriction will simply melt away, if only it was that simple.  It also doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for treatments that create temporary reduction in pain and increase in movement, without them getting off the metaphorical starting blocks can be very tricky.  Sadly I meet too many people whose past treatment has focused entirely on either passive treatments like massage or manipulation, or treatment at the opposite extreme that amounts to an exercise sheet and encouragement to “try and do a bit more stuff”.

It’s my firm belief that the most effective treatment, for the majority of people, is about an intelligent combination of both short term strategies to reduce pain and improvement movement; to get you moving, and a long term plan of specific and general exercise; to keep you moving. Both though are about enabling you to MOVE.

MOVE also serves as a bit of a metaphor in terms of moving on from pain or injury and moving your understanding as to why you hurt, and what you can do to help yourself forward.

So that’s why its MOVE. Hope you like it the name and what we do.


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