Sports Massage

You don’t have to be an athlete to feel the benefits of a Sports Massage. Anyone with aches and pains, muscular tension or injury can benefit from sports massage. Once you have felt the euphoria of a just rubbed, painless and fluid body we are confident you will be back for more!

What can Sports Massage do for you?

• Reduce tension and “knots” in muscles. 
• Ease pain and stiffness
• Improve joint mobility and tissue flexibility
• Help to improve and maintain your sporting performance and everyday activities 
• Relax and unwind you to lower anxiety and stress levels 
• Optimise recovery from injury 

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a variety of soft tissue mobilisation, massage strokes  and myofascial release techniques applied with the aim of reducing pain and improving movement. 

Mostly it feels pleasant, at times it can be uncomfortable and occasionally it is painful. Treatment however is very safe and rewarding; both physically and psychologically. At MOVE you are always in control though, if something is too sore or pressure not deep enough; you just tell us!

Many athletes with demanding training and people with busy lifestyles, find sports massage a vital part of keeping their body painfree and fully functional. Think of it a well deserved treat for your body in return for all the amazing things it does for you.

How Often Should I have a Sports Massage?

For some it’s an occasional treat for others it’s a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly affair. Choose whatever suits you budget, schedule and body best.

How Long will my Sports Massage take?

We offer 3 appointment lengths at MOVE: 

30mins: Enough time to do one body region really well.  Best for those a little short on time.

60mins: Our most popular massage slot. An hour allows plenty of time to work several areas, explore some deeper restrictions and generally take your massage to the next level.

90mins: If it’s quicker to list the bits that don’t hurt than the ones that do this is the slot for you! 1.5hrs of massage induced nirvana. It’s also useful for those who can’t make it in for regular treatments.

What should I expect from a Sports Massage?

Your first appointment will start with a short interview to establish your relevant medical history and priority areas for treatment. For treatment itself you will be asked to undress to your underwear or shorts/vest top. You will mostly be lying down for treatment but it’s not entirely passive, you will be asked to move, stretch etc at times during the treatment. You will remain in charge throughout treatment, open communication between therapist and client is vital to maximise effects of treatment

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