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MOVE is a Physiotherapy and Run Coaching clinic based in Truro, Cornwall.


MOVE Cornwall aims to provide you with everything you need to recover from pain and injury using effective, proven, evidence-based treatments of physiotherapy.

MOVE is not just another physio clinic, we are proud to do things differently. We offer a comprehensive customised package of care to enable as full and
lasting a recovery as possible.



What We Do

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More about Move Cornwall



‘Move Cornwall’ IS the mission statement. It is a request to the people of Truro, Cornwall and the surrounding areas to get moving. We are here to help you to move more often with, less pain, more coordination and more confidence. We are here to help you move out of pain and inactivity into painless, confident and unthinking physical activity.
It’s not just about a quick fix and changing a few habits. It’s about a wholesale attitude shift to respect, use and understand your body better.



Put you at the centre of your recovery

To treat every person as a unique individual

Treat every person with the upmost care and attention to ensure the fullest recovery, in the shortest time and fewest number of appointments possible

Help you to hurt less, move better and understand more

Treat honestly and ethically

Never try to sell you treatment or appointments you don't want or need

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