Run coaching FAQs

Why should I see a Run Coach?

If you run regularly, are happy with your performance, the way you run and never get pain from running then you probably shouldn’t! If you are a runner who does get pain from running, suffers with running related overuse injuries, is struggling to progress their performance and would like to learn more about how to make running more efficient, lower impact and easier for your body then you probably should.

What does a 'Run Coach' session involve?

We meet at a time and location convenient to you. We watch and video you running. Having reviewed the footage we try out some corrections (Exercises, Rocktape applications, Drills, Verbal cues) to improve your form. We see what works for you. Once some little tweaks have been made we video you again so you can see as well as feel the difference. You leave with a condensed and customised program of exercises, tape applications and verbal cues to help you progress. All the video clips, exercises and information you need to keep you moving better will be supplied to you by email.

How many session will I need?

That really depends what your goals are and how your form is. Lots of people find they learn enough in a single session to meet their goals and can continue to work on changes on their own. Others prefer to return a couple of times to see how things are progressing, find some new tweaks and harder exercises that keep the level of challenge progressing as their running and fitness improve.

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