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Running is a fundamentally natural movement for the human body.  We have evolved to excel at it, our forefathers ran as both a means of transport and a way to catch their dinner.  There is no more natural form of exercise.  For many people it doesn’t feel like it, but we were ALL born to run.  It should be easy, flow naturally and be enjoyable.It should not be a battle that jars your body and causes pain or injury.


Running well, with efficiency and a natural flow, requires; adequate mobility, sufficient strength and a degree of skill.  At MOVE we focus on helping you turn weakness in these three areas into strengths.


Run coaching is the process of careful observation and objective analysis of running technique and form in the pursuit of greater efficiency and fewer injuries. Performance gains often follow but it is not the primary aim of MOVE run coaching.  The primary aim is to tweak running form, and improve mobility and strength to make old injuries returning and new one occurring less likely.


At MOVE we do not believe there is a right way to run. Differences in factors such as limb length, flexibility and muscle mass mean that attempts to make all runners conform to the same blueprint are bound to fail.  But there is a right way for YOU to run.  We help you find your ‘right way’ to run


There are certain common traits and sub-optimal patterns of movement that many injured runners share.  Reducing or eradicating these can often break a cycles of injuries.  Leading to more consistent training, and faster, happier runners.

The primary aim is to optimise efficiency. To achieve this we tweak running form, enhance mobility and increase strength in order to stop old injuries returning, and new ones occurring less likely.

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