What to expect from your first appointment


On your first appointment we will take a full and thorough history of you and your problem. So it is worthwhile having a think, or even making some notes, about how you long you have had the problem, how you got it, what makes it better and what makes it worse.


Please bring any paperwork, scan results etc from previous medical appointments that may be relevant to the current problem.


We will then carry out a comprehensive physical examination to establish what causes your pain. This requires you to move around and us to see the problem area, so please dress appropriately: Lightweight non-restrictive clothing, shorts for all problems from the lower back down, girls please wear vest tops/sports bras for upper body problems.


Once assessment is completed we will discuss our findings with you, agree on a treatment plan, and commence phase 1 treatment.


That’s a lot to squeeze into 1 appointment. Please see options for appointment lengths here and pick the option that best suits your problem and budget.

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