Two Phase Treatment

Phase 1:

Reduce pain. Facilitate recovery and healing.

This about doing simple things well. Treatment in the clinic often includes soft tissue release to ease tight and aching muscles or joint manipulation to loosen stiff bits and kinesiology taping to give lasting drug-free pain relief. Out-of-clinic treatment includes pain relieving and movement restoring exercises and self treatments, and suggestions on how to modify daily life and sport to maximise recovery. Phase 1 is the easy bit; we expect results at MOVE. If you are not seeing significant changes by session 3-5 we will discuss merits of onward referral to trusted colleagues in the area.


Phase 2:

Restore the basics of strength, mobility and function, first to the problem area then the whole body.

As pain levels decrease and physical ability increases to the point where everyday movement and activities are no longer a problem, we believe the emphasis should shift from on-the-couch treatments to exercise and movement based therapy. Learning the right exercises, self-treatments and movements for your specific problem helps to put you in the driving seat of your recovery. As you move on from your pain or injury we teach you how to recover stronger and to move better than you have in years. We also encourage you to learn more, and think differently, about your body and what makes it hurt.

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