Persistent & 

complex pain

We are not perturbed by a very long history, or past failure to effectively treat a problem. So whether past Physio hasn’t helped, or you have been told surgery is required or you have to live with a problem please give us a go, you might be pleasantly surprised.


At Move we understand that persistent pain requires a different approach. We help you to understand your problem better. We use hands on treatment to create short term pain relief. We will teach you carefully graded exercise and movement to gradually increase your body’s capacity to function without aggravating pain.


We think good physiotherapy should be a collaboration between the patient and the therapist. It takes time, usually proportional to the length of time you have had the problem, to create lasting change.


At MOVE we are optimistic about what can be achieved in even the most complex and persistent problems. In recent years research has repeatedly demonstrated that the structural state of your body (think disc bugles, joint arthritis, torn tendons etc) are very poor indicators of pain and disability.


At MOVE we focus on how well your body functions and how much it hurts, not just what I it looks like on a scan. We treat with the aim of reducing pain and improving function rather than changing the structure.  This is what makes us optimistic. By focusing on the fundamental threads that underpin our approach the emphasis is on what you can do not what you can’t do.  With time, commitment and patience almost everyone can make gains in terms of both pain and function which, after all, is what most people want to change far more than how their tendon/joint/muscle looks on scan.  If you are ready to MOVE on from whatever pain or injury stops you doing the things you enjoy, please give us a try.

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