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Our aim is always to treat every injury, pain or problem as thoroughly and completely as possible.  For every client we develop a customised programme of the most effective, up to date and scientifically proven treatment and exercise. More than anything we aim to have people leave feeling better than when they came in. Hands-on treatment in the clinic will often involve some of the following treatments:

Soft Tissue Mobilisation/ Myofascial Release/Massage

A group of massage type techniques that involve rubbing, pushing and pressing soft tissue, sometimes in combination with movement to ease tension, reduce pain and improve movement

Joint Mobilisation

The specific application of firm, but gentle pressure to joints in order to reduce pain and stiffness.  This technique is commonly used in all parts of the body to treat a variety of problems involving the articular and neural systems.

Joint Manipulation

Manipulation involves the application of high velocity thrust techniques often causing joints to crack, frequently resulting in immediate increased movement and reduction of pain.  This is a highly effective method of treating certain spinal, pelvic, and joint pains but is not appropriate for everybody.

The Mulligan Technique

The next step in the evolution of manual therapy, a fusion of hands-on therapy and exercise. This technique can often make a painful or stiff movement pain free and full in a matter of seconds.

Neural Mobilisation

This involves the gentle, controlled gliding and tensioning of the nerves in the arm and legs.  This can be useful for treating everything from tennis elbow to sciatica.

Kinesiology Taping

Different from classic sports taping/strapping in that it optimizes your body’s function rather than limit it. A relative newcomer to the physio world, it burst onto the scene after the Beijing Olympics.  You have to wear it to believe the difference it makes.


Exercise is good for you! 99% of all injuries will get better faster if you exercise.  The trick is doing the right thing at the right time. Whether its stretching, strengthening or balance and coordination work we are working on, a tailor made exercise program will ensure you see lasting change for the better.

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