How We Treat


Different problems require different treatments. At MOVE we customise a management plan unique to you. But regardless of the exact nature of your pain or injuries. Three common fundamental threads run through everything we do.


Hurt Less

A combination of manual therapy, soft tissue release and kinesiology taping are used to reduce pain and improve movement, always treating where it hurts but also often treating other areas that may be contributing to the problem. Think of it as unwinding the effects of pain and injury, and nudging your body in the right direction, allowing the body to heal and recover the way nature intended. Almost everyone can expect to leave the clinic feeling better.


Move Better

Movement is good for you! 99% of all injuries will get better faster if you exercise. The trick is doing the right thing at the right time. Whether it is stretching, strengthening or improving balance, a tailor made exercise and movement program will ensure you see the right results.


Understand More

Getting injured and developing pain you can’t shift can be a worrying experience. A huge number of myths persist around pain, most of the scary things you’ve read or been told probably aren’t true. If you understand a little more about your pain and body it can really help you to know when to push on and when to hold back.

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