About MOVE Physio


MOVE Physio aims to provide you with everything you need to recover from pain and injury using proven and evidence based treatment. It is not just another Physio clinic, we are proud to do thing differently. We offer a comprehensive customised package of care to enable as full and lasting a recovery as possible.


  • It would be easy to say “come see us and we will fix your problem 100%” Lots of people do say that, but it’s not realistic or honest. Instead we work with you to facilitate a lasting change. We use treatment, exercise and movement to nudge your body in the right direction in order to promote healing and recovery to your maximum potential. We also give you the tools required to stay healthy and out of pain.


  • We are not all about the quick fix, although if you have significant pain we’re pretty good at reducing it. Treatment should not stop there, there are always things you can be working on out of the clinic to get fitter, stronger and more flexible to reduce the chances of injury reoccurring.


  • Our treatment approach is always pragmatic, logical and grounded in science. It is based on the best available scientific evidence, but not shackled by it. We provide a blend of the science and art of therapy to give you the best possible outcome.


  • We understand that we are all different. There are no treatments that work for all people all of the time, we work hard to find the treatment program that works best for you.


  • Good treatment should not be rushed. Not all people and problems fit into a 30min slot. We offer slots from 15-90mins to best suit your needs.

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