Move: A Physio led movement clinic


Move is a small, independent, private clinic. We operate from our purpose built facility on the western outskirts of Truro. 


At Move we are proud to do things differently. We exist to help humans; hurt less, move better and understand more, by any reasonable means. ‘Physio led’ means our approach is solidly evidence based and scientific in its foundations, ‘Movement clinic means we do not stop where conventional physiotherapy and medicine does.

We bring together the best of physiotherapy, soft tissue therapies, exercise and rehabilitation, patient education, mobility and body weight training, yoga, functional neurology and a few other bits besides.

We believe in putting you at the centre of your own recovery, we aim to empower people to move and live freely. We know the importance of accurate diagnosis, and hands-on treatments the help people recover from pain. But we also believe that movement and exercise is the only way to stay out of pain and ensure long term physical health. We are optimistic, we believe in you and your bodies ability to recover and regain lost function and fitness. Whatever it is that stops you moving and exercising freely we can probably help.





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